The Road to Your Next Home

You likely don’t need us to tell you that buying a home is a significant life decision. However, you do need us to be you advocate and partner in the process from day one. Our mission is to provide you with the best experience – seamless, mobile, and thoughtful. We can even make sure it feels right, that you’re having fun along the way to finding a home that promises so much joy to come.

The Process


First Steps

  • Schedule a consultation with us
  • Identify home needs and wants
  • Get references for mortgage lenders
  • Get excited!


  • Interview and select a mortgage lender
  • Fill out a loan application to determine how much you want to afford
  • Select the right loan package for you
  • Get a pre-approval letter confirming loan details

Home Search

  • Download Mobile Connect
  • Receive automated listing alerts
  • Preview homes and refine the best options

Purchase Offer

  • Identify a home you want to purchase
  • Discuss offer options, strategy, and competition
  • Determine offer details (price, financing, inspections, closing, etc.)
  • We will write, submit, and present the offer
  • Negotiate until your offer is accepted

Under Contract

  • Receive a roadmap of what’s to come
  • Deposit earnest monies
  • Initiate next steps in the financing process
  • Take steps to meet all contractual obligations


  • Choose and schedule inspections with our help
  • Attend inspections and review reports
  • Negotiate repairs with the seller

Finalize Financing

  • Provide your lender with all requested documentation
  • Appraisal ordered and performed
  • Receive final loan approval

Final Processes

  • Secure a homeowner’s insurance policy
  • Schedule final walk-through and closing
  • Sign all final loan and required documents
  • Deposit remaining funds for the down payment and closing costs
  • Get keys to your new home!

The Modern Search Experience

The NextHome Mobile Connect app is a centerpiece of the tech tools we’ve developed in-house… to put you in yours. You control the search for your next home, on your time, at your convenience. You have the ability to browse properties, book showings, communicate with us, share listings that caught your interest with friends and family, and more. It’s the ultimate modern search experience with video, augmented reality (AR) technology, real-time information on everything from the properties to the schools, local businesses to transportation; estimate your mortgage payment, schedule a private tour, or chat in-app.

A Deeper Dive


Financing Your Home

Financing Your Home

Buying a home, of course, means obtaining financing. And the lenders, banks, and other sources for loans take into consideration a combination of factors to determine whether to loan you money, including your:

  • Income
  • Length of time, tenure(s), and place(s) of employment
  • Debt-to-income ratio
  • Past rent or mortgage payment history
  • Credit reports
  • Tax returns
  • Down payment amount
  • Months of reserve money

Your income level, debt, and credit information will be used to pre-qualify you for an amount the lender determines you can afford. This pre-qualification, however, is different from a pre-approval. A pre-approval considers your credit report, debt-to-income ratio, and a more in-depth analysis of your financial landscape.

Often pre-approval comes only after buyers begin looking at homes. But it’s best obtained as a first step. We highly recommend it as early in the home-buying process as possible, as it can provide definitive price parameters to focus your search. And once you have a pre-approval, you also have the pre-approval letter necessary to provide a seller, so there’s no risk of losing crucial time when you’re ready to make an offer.

Once you have identified a home for purchase, the lender will begin processing your loan, taking into account other factors impacting an approval including:

  • Preliminary title report
  • Any homeowner or community association dues
  • Financial stability of a homeowner or community association
  • Appraisal report
  • Homeowner insurance payments
  • Property taxes

Once all these items are reviewed and approved, you’re in the home stretch for closing on your next home.


Contract & Negotiations

Contract and Negotiations

You’re ready to make an offer. Nothing makes us happier. First, we will provide you with the fullest obtainable background, details, and disclosures on the property. Next, we will discuss a strategy for your offer, finding the greatest financial advantage for you while making it as appealing as possible to the seller. Then we will represent your interests in presenting the offer to the seller and their agent, highlighting the specifics, and addressing any questions that arise.

The seller will either accept, reject, or counter your offer. Follow-up negotiations may or may not be necessary during the offer consideration period; either way, we are supporting or negotiating on your behalf.

We will provide you with guidance, options, ideas, and information – established and proven through our vast experience – at every step along the way, as well as following through in presenting and executing on your decisions.


to Close

From Pending to Close

We’ve successfully negotiated a contract and the offer’s been accepted toward owning your next home. There will be a number of action items with specific deadlines required by the various parties in the transaction. We will work closely with you on the specifics of your contract and contingencies. These may include:

  • Inspections
  • Appraisal
  • Loan approval
  • Title commitment

We will manage the details throughout the process, providing you guidance on what you need to complete and when. We will also coordinate with the multiple involved parties to ensure each are meeting the required actions and deadlines. When every condition is met by both you and the seller, you will sign your final paperwork, deposit the remaining monies, and receive the keys to your new home!